Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 10, 2017

Jepson Prairie Wildflowers 4/10/17

The Solano Land Trust Flickr site had the following report for a hike on 4/10/17

Hiking a very wet Jepson Prairie yesterday and found a number of regulars and a few new additions for the season. The Doncent’s triangle early season bloom has passed and the succession bloom along Olcott Playa and in the ‘hog wallow’ freshwater vernal pools has begun. Goldfields proliferate, with Castilleja campestris making a strong early showing in some of the outlying pastures, while downingia is beginning to bloom across the preserve. Observed Downingia bella, D. insignis, D. concolor and D. pusilla. Also a very young bloom that may be D. ornatissima. New to this season’s observed flora are Triteleia hyacinthina, Lepidium latipes and Castilleja affinis,
As the weather warms some of the other pastures should begin to produce their blooms.

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