Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 8, 2017

Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers Update 3/8/17 Updated


Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association has the following Wildflower update today

The flowers are blooming now in Borrego Springs! This will be a “rolling bloom”; different areas will come into bloom at different times.  The bloom will likely last for several weeks as different areas come into full bloom.  The next couple of weeks should be prime time.

Best recommendation for Drive-By/Easy Access Flowers: Starting at the ABDNHA Borrego Desert Nature Center to pick up a free flower location map, you’ll see our blooming Botanical Garden; then head north on Borrego Springs Road to see the metal statues.

Recommended: Drive DiGiorgio Road to the end of the pavement, park, and get out to see up close Desert Lilies, Spectacle Pod, Sand Verbena, Desert Sunflowers. For those who want to drive the (2WD accessible) dirt road beyond the end of DiGiorgio Road into Coyote Canyon for a couple miles to “Desert Gardens,” you will see even more blooms (Poppies, Desert Dandelions, and just beginning to bloom are the Ocotillo and Beavertail Cactus).

Recommended: Drive north on Borrego Springs Road to the point where it turns sharply to the right and heads east.  Pull onto the dirt road on the left side of the road right at the turn. Park and walk around to see blooms and scultures.

Arroyo Salado Campground: East on S22 to the Borrego Badlands and Arroyo Salado Campground to see lots of Desert Lilies beyond the last campsite.

Easy Hiking:  Henderson Canyon at the west end of Henderson Canyon Road (See Desert Lilies, Chicory, Phacelia, a variety of cactus, metal statues, and mountain views).

Easy Hiking: Little Surprise Canyon on the west end of S22 about one-third mile south of Palm Canyon Drive (Ghost Flowers, Barrel Cactus, Desert Lavender, beautiful rocks and views on the return walk).

If Mother Nature cooperates, we expect blooms for weeks ahead; we will keep you updated. It’s important to know that the best flower viewing is in the morning.  Many flowers close up during the heat of the day.

March 7, 2017 Collins Valley – Box Canyon – Hiking Details
A trip to a tiny dry lake between Collins valley and Box canyon, in our second try to find Lepidium flavum felipense. It’s very busy with all the tourist driving in Coyote canyon. Water in second crossing is still rather deep, we noticed the large number of cars parked before second crossing, a lot didn’t want to try the crossing. Destination Box canyon and than climb up the rocky wall up to the playa. What we noticed from above the playa was very very green, but not the good kind of green. No trace of Lepidium flavum felipense and other plants that should grow besides it. That was very strange as on our previous hike we did find Sphaeralcea leaves, but now none to be found. Down the very steep and rocky drainage and down Lower Willows. The signs of the recent rain are very clear, the gully that is the hiking trail gets deeper and deeper. WOW what a high bloom count, we are getting closer to peak bloom.

See photos at Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers Update


  1. Thanks for posting this update. I actually called their wildflowers hotline and it wasn’t as informative as this! I’m waiting and waiting, but only really have the weekend to go and I hear it will be packed! Good to know the details though. Will check back. 🙂


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