Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 7, 2017

Anza-Borrego Wildflower Updates 3/7/06

Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers: Species in bloom reports

3/6 A hike postponed so many times because it was to dry, now is the time to check out what grows in the “crater”.
Right out of the car we found blooming plants left and right, wow.
A nice hike up to a small outcrop on Coyote mountain, by no means the actual peak.
Good flowering along the way, at the peak, down to what looks like a crater.
300 feet from the “crater” floor the smell was strong and on the floor overwhelming at times, like a perfume-shop, but less artificial.
Brown eyed primrose, Chylismia claviformis peirsonii and Desert lily, Hesperocallis undulata where causing the strong smell, that couldn’t exit the enclosed “crater”.
Down some boulders and back along the hill side. Than yes threadplants, Nemacladus in good number and while we where down on the ground more and more interesting stuff.
All in all a 3 hour hike turned 5 hours+ .
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 74 + 3 along our way.
Pictures: Coyote Mountain Loop
3/5 A hike to one of our favorite spots.
Starting on the “Yaqui Meadows Loop” and as the drainage narrows skipping over to the “Yaqui Meadows – Glorietta Wash” and finally completing the “Yaqui Meadows Loop”. Trying to get the best of both hikes.
Staggering fields of Bigelow’s monkey flower, Mimulus bigelovii bigelovii (10000+), Ghost flower, Mohavea confertiflora (500+) and Parish’s poppy, Eschscholzia parishii (1000+).
Never seen such large fields of monkey flower and Ghost flower before.
Most flower fields on the sun facing slopes and some on the flat rocky area’s.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 53.
Pictures: Yaqui Meadows Loop
Pictures: Yaqui Meadows – Glorietta Wash
3/4 Time to find the special flowers in the direction of Little Clark dry lake, like Desert lupine, Lupinus shockleyi and Ives phacelia, Phacelia ivesiana.
Plenty of Desert lily, Hesperocallis undulata, Desert chicory, Rafinesquia neomexicana, Yellow comet, Mentzelia affinis along our route.
We where glad to find Cleveland’s tobacco, Nicotiana clevelandii in very high numbers (1000+).
On our way back probably the best find, a Lupinus shockleyi in bloom.
All in all an impressive bloom number for this area.
Not a flower but it was great to see a Flat-tail Horned Lizard – Phrynosoma mcallii.
Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 54.
Pictures: Little Clark dry lake


DesertUSA reports

South Borrego around Mt Palm Springs / Bow Willow (1200 ft). The show is just starting, barrel and pincushion cactus in bloom. A large variety of flowers just starting. Brittlebush and beavertails are loaded with buds, both look like another week to open. Ocotillos may have bloomed earlier in the season, they are producing a new round of buds but will open much later.

See photos at

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