Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 2, 2017

DesertUSA Updates 3/2/17

DesertUSA has a number of new updates


Death Valley where China Ranch Wash drains into the Amargosa River. Most plants have not yet flowered but will probably do so within the next week or two. See photos of Phacelia calthifolia, P. crennulata, Geraea canescens and Perityle emoryi.:

Carrizo Plain National Monument reports: The anticipated peak bloom times are mid-late March but with the high amount of rain we’ve received this season, it’ll be very green and blooms may continue into April.


Poppies, lupine, desert hyacinth, and heliotropes are blooming at Apache Wash Trailhead (Phoenix Sonoran Preserve). The hills have swatches of poppies and they also can be found along the trails, especially Apache Wash Loop and Ridgeback. Photos taken on 3/1 on Apache Wash Trail (poppies) and Ocotillo Trail (purple flowers) at

Picacho Peak State Park, just a few yards off loop road. see photo taken 03/01/2017 of poppies at

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