Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 28, 2017

Joshua Tree Wildflowers 2/28/17

DesertUSA reports at Joshua Tree

The blooms are open in the poppy fields by the South Entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. The flowers are abundant along the road for about a mile starting ¾ mile north from the entrance sign. On the west side of the road, the poppies are interspersed with tall Lupine, Chia, Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose and Desert Dandelions. On the east side of the road the poppies are interspersed with a few Lupine, Chia and some interesting ground flowers including Desert Star and Trailing Windmill. While this is just a small area of the park, the blooms are fresh and abundant.

I checked the area by the sign at the South Boundary, as the plant community is slightly different there. There are many Woody Bottle-Washers getting ready to bloom, and a few blooming. I also saw a few Purple Mat blooming and a Wild Cherry plant. Next I checked the washes just south of the Cottonwood Visitor Center and found many Canterbury Bells budding with some in bloom. I found one wash with some Bigelow Monkey Flowers coming into bloom and one small Whispering Bell. The only other areas that I saw flowers were a few Orange Mallow along the road north of the Cottonwood Visitor Center, and Cryptantha with a few Phallecia and Brown-Eyed Primrose around the Porcupine Wash. Although the flowers were concentrated in a small area, I counted 25 species of plants in bloom.

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See photos at Desert Wildflower Reports for Joshua Tree NP by DesertUSA

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