Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 26, 2017

DesertUSA Updates 2/26/17

DesertUSA posted the following updates on 2/26/17


Anza-Borrego See locations where we have found wildflowers, the park is recommending some of these location also on their website. It is still early but the flowers are starting to bloom, the green on the map shows the general locations of the blooms. Map at

Santa Rosa Plateau  Feb 25, 2017 The plateau is very green still. Flowers are present, but not plentiful. From the Vernal Pool trailhead, I did a short afternoon loop along the Trans-Preserve Trail, Ranch Rd, Adobes, and the Vernal Pool trail. Blooms spotted included chocolate lilies, milk maids, buttercups, shooting stars, blue dicks, ground pink, and a few others See photos at

Outside of Solvang Feb 26, 2017 photos at 

Joshua Tree  Feb. 26 The wildflower bloom is already starting in earnest by the Cottonwood Springs Entrance. A few species can be found in the higher elevations. The Ocotillo are starting to bloom in the lower elevations and should be fabulous this year. Photos at

Feb 24  out at the south end of Joshua Tree and through Box Canton to Mecca yesterday. At nature trail at south entrance to JTNP there was one spectacular Encelia farinosa in bloom, and a number of Peritoma arborea in bloom in the wash leading south from the nature trail sign. The Opuntia basilaris were in full bud (larger ones having perhaps 100 or so buds) and should be spectacular later.

In Box Canyon (the road to Mecca), the lupine (arizonicus?) along the road in the lower part were in full bloom and quite showy. Across the road from Shaver’s Well, the hillside was full of Peritoma arborea in bloom. Abronia villosa starting in lower part of canyon, as well as a few Gerea in bloom there. The various suncups (Camissonia, etc) were just starting – a few yeloow and a few brown-eyed were in bloom. A few Phacelia of a couple different species also in bloom. In general, there is a green film over everything, but it is early days yet.


Route 60 west of Florence Junction, AZ – Great patches of Lupines. see photos at

Peridot Mesa, San Carlos, AZ mile marker 268 on Route 70 east of Globe, AZ  good poppy display See photo at


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