Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 5, 2017

Natural History Camp For Adults

Sign-ups for 2017 are open

The San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus is a real find for students of natural history.

It is affectionately called summer nature camp for adults.  It is in the Sierra Nevada near Yuba Pass and has classes in many areas of natural history including plants, birds, insects, astronomy, mushrooms, and geology.  There are also natural history related art classes including writing and drawing.  Many of the instructors are well-known and top people in their respective fields.

Classes are between June and August and are both in the field and the classroom.   To see the 2017 schedule go to:

Enrollment is open and classes are already starting fill. Sign up soon.

There is a dining room and tent cabins.  You are also free to arrange your own lodging off site or camp on site or off. Students are of all ages and knowledge bases from complete beginner to advanced.  There is usually an excellent camaraderie among students who have shared similar interests.

Two classes I have personally enjoyed are

  • Bird Identification by Song with Jim Steele and Mark Kudrav
  • Butterflies of the Sierra Nevada with Paul Opler and Evi Buckner


  1. Sounds a great idea but am too far away to enrol, we did run a natural history of this area in Spain some years ago for adults. It became a bit of a stand off or walk off between the botanists and the bird watchers!


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