Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 15, 2016

Great Smoky Fall Color 10/14/16

Great Smokey National Park has the following newFall Color Report  for  October 14, 2016 on its Facebook page

Green is now very sparse among the deciduous trees at high elevations. The mountains are awash with yellow and gold. While the majority of colors are more subdued now that the trees have passed their peak at the highest elevations, the mountain ash berries along Clingmans Dome Road still offer glimpses of bright red and maroon.
The maples are stealing the show with their vibrant reds and oranges at the middle elevations. A drive along Newfound Gap Road makes that abundantly clear as they stand out against the mix of green and yellow. The mid-level mountain ridges are ablaze with color as seen from the roadside overlooks.
While the lower elevations are still dominated by green, the dogwoods continue to delight with their deepening reds and brightening oranges. A drive along Little River Road and Lakeview Drive gives a hint on what is to come as the maples have begun to turn.

See photos at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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