Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 13, 2016

Northern Owens Valley Fall Color 10/12/16

California Fall Color reports

 A smattering of yellow decorates the Bishop Country Club which is otherwise “still beautifully green” and is likely a “late starter.” She predicts it will approach peak in a few days to a week, depending on how much wind lashes the East Side, this week. 

There are large and small cottonwood trees dotted all across the northern Owens Valley floor. Some are loners, others in groves. The smaller trees range from fully yellow with burnished orange tips to an overall bronzed orange. 

“The larger trees are just beginning to turn yellow on the tops and edges. Deep red leaves on creeping vines appear as if on fire as they curl around gnarled old wood of dead trees alongside the creeks. 

“A high point along Eastside road that runs along the base of the White mountains provides a panoramic view of the Owens River valley and the Sierra Nevada beyond. Early morning and sunset are always beautiful out here. 

“The creek, marshes and ponds along Buckley Ponds road have abundant birdlife and the reeds are a shimmering copper color. 

“There are large individual trees in many spots in and around Bishop that are almost iridescent yellow.

Owens Valley – Patchy (10-50%)

See Photos at Northern Owens Valley Burnished With Orange

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