Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 11, 2016

Eastern Sierra Fall Color 10/11/16

California Fall Color reports

Mammoth Creek Road – Near Peak (50-75%) Go Now! – This spot sure turned on, quick. The dazzling display of aspen closely grouped together and hugging Mammoth Creek can easily be seen from US-395. From the right vantage point, one can even capture Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in the background. 

Lundy Canyon – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW! – This hotspot never disappoints. You’ll get a fantastic show of fall color along the entire road up to Lundy Canyon. Nearly every grove before Lundy Lake is at peak while some trees at the lake level are now past peak. Take a little extra time to drive back to the beaver ponds for an excellent view of the canyon reflected in the water.

June Lake Loop -Near Peak (50-75%) Go Now! – From June Lake to Grant Lake you can’t lose. It seems that just around every corner on the loop there’s another grove starting to peak. It’s hard not to stop at every turn off making the loop more of a full day drive than just a quick alternate route. The Loop typically starts to peak around  this time every year and colors tend to last for about 2 weeks (weather dependent). With the possibility of snow this weekend, you might want to make the drive up and experience the fall colors with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. Nothing compares to the beauty that happens when fall colors and snow battle for all of the attention.

See photos at  All Eyes on the Eastern Sierra

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