Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 28, 2016

N. Carolina Fall Foliage Color 9/28/16

Asheville NC Fall Foliage Color 2016 reports on September 28, 2016

Report: What a gorgeous drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway this morning with Carolina blue skies. We found the first fall color in the Grandfather Mountain area. Beacon Heights(pic) already has plenty of color on its rock summit. Nearby Rough Ridge has some early color also – but still a week from peak. But most of the leaves are still very green. The color seems to be running a little later than usual due to the very warm September. But cooler nights this weekend should speed up the color change. Spectacular fall weather ahead!

Forecast: The number one question is: “When is the peak color?” No matter when you plan an autumn visit in October or early November, you can take a short drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway or other mountain roads to find the best color of fall leaves. Elevation and weather are the biggest factors in the color show. Leaves begin their color change on the highest peaks and gradually work down to the lowest elevations. An early frost speeds up the show and warm weather prolongs it.

See photo at Fall Foliage Forecast 2016, Asheville & NC Mountains

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