Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 15, 2016

Yosemite High Country Wildflowers 7/15/16

Today I drove across the Yosemite high country on highway 120. Although Tuolumne Meadows was disappointing and Crane Flat had less flowers than I had hoped for there were many wildflowers in bloom and some nice gardens in a number of  spots along the road. Below is a list of some of what I saw.

Crane Flat – drier than expected. Many Coneflowers. Also saw a Checkermallow, Lupines, Yarrow, Yampah, Western Columbine, Forget-me-not and a couple of Lilies (Parvum?),Sticky Cinquefoil, Graceful Cinquefoil and Collomia. Also a  cooperative Monarch who I was able to photograph on Coneflowers.
At the pullover by the large Jeffrey Pine a few miles further along there were Pussypaws, Gayophytum, Slender Navararretia, Dusky Horkelia, Naked Buckwheat, Mustang Clover.
Flowers seen along the road, Lewis’s Monkeyflower, Western Columbine, Coyote Mint, Showy Penstemon, Mt. Pride, Red Paintbrush, Pretty Face Triteleia, Single-stemmed Groundsel, a Fleabane (Erigeron), Yampah, a Small Yellow Monkeyflower, a Dudleya, Naked Buckwheat, Scarlet Gilia, Large Leaf Lupine, Brewers Lupine, Mariposa Lily (Leichtlinii), a low White Buckwheat, Goldenrod, Bistort, Shooting Star, Labrador Tea, Spirea, Pond Lily, an Arnica, Shieldleaf, Creambush, White Buckwheat (not low), Lemmon’s Paintbrush, a small Astragalus, Showy Penstemon, Whorled Penstemon, Horsemint,Blue Elderberry,Sulphur Buckwheat, Purple Nightshade, Wallflower, Prickly Poppy, Evening Primrose (closed).


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