Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 23, 2016

Marin County Wildflowers: SCA Trail 3/23/16

The Marin County Facebook page:  Marin Native Plants has the following new wildflower report:

I hiked the SCA Trail today, This trail is located off Conzuelman Road just north of the Golden Gate Bridge on the Marin Side. The best place to park is the parking lot (free, not timed) off the last Marin exit also off Conzuelman Road. Hike up the small hill from the parking lot, turn left (uphill) and the trailhead is on the right. The trail is in great condition, it was just cut back. Here is just a partial list of what I saw. California Poppy, Paintbrush, Cow Parsnip, Blue Eyed Grass, Blue Dicks, Columbine, Thimbleberry (in bloom) Wild Rose (in bloom), California Buttercup, Peas and Vetches, Bindweed, Fremonts Camas Lily, Soap Root, False Garlic, Angelica, Water Hemlock, Sparaxis, Crocosmia, Strawberry, rattlesnake- weed, Hog Fennel, Purple Sanicle, Clover, Yarrow, Coyote Brush (which the Hummingbirds love to perch on ) Artemisia, Checkermallows, Lupines (perennials), cudweed, everlasting, ferns, Shooting star, Milkmaid, California Blackberry, coast rock-cress, mustard, honeysuckle, Bindweed, miners lettuce, chickweed, manor, hedge nettle, bee plant, sunups, sour grass, sticky monkey flower, plantain, sheep sorrel, dock, cinquefoil, nightshade..sorry I can not be more specific or scientific…and admittedly I am leaving out a tremendous number of species

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