Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 27, 2015

Abbott’s Lagoon Birds and Wildflowers 11/27/15

Today we went for a hike at Abbott’s Lagoon at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. We walked about 3.5 from Parking lot along the trail, lagoons and on edge of dunes. Weather was in the 50’s F, sunny and clear, low winds The habitat includes  Fresh Water and Brackish Lagoons, Coastal Scrub, Beach, Grasslands, Farm Fields, Pond, and Dunes.

Hooded Merganser (female)

Hooded Merganser (female)

Highlight of the walk was a female Hooded Merganser that was in the small pond south of the trail close to beginning. Identified 33 species today and would have had more if had hiked with a scope. For example one white Egret was seen in distance but not identified. Ferruginous Hawks and Rough Legged Hawks had been reported at the ranch south of Abbott’s Lagoon. I was able to identify one Ferruginous Hawk there on the way out. Most abundant water birds were American Coots and Greater Scaup. Also many Ring-billed Gulls were seen along the Brackish Lagoon (Western or outer). There were also around 100 White-crowned Sparrows in the farm field just south of the fence near the trail.

Beach Suncup

Beach Suncup

Also of note is the beach area included a number of late-blooming wildflowers including Gumplant, Sea Rocket, Beach Suncup, Brass Buttons and Cinquefoil.

Click Read More to see today’s Bird List

Abbott’s Lagoon Bird List 11-27-15

33 species

American Wigeon  X

Northern Shoveler  X

Northern Pintail  X

Green-winged Teal  X

Greater Scaup  X

Bufflehead  X

Hooded Merganser  1

Ruddy Duck  X

California Quail  X

Pied-billed Grebe  X

Eared Grebe  X

Great Blue Heron  2

Turkey Vulture  X

Northern Harrier  1

Ferruginous Hawk  1     actually about a mile before getting to the parking lot

American Coot  X

Dunlin  X

Least Sandpiper  X

Ring-billed Gull  X

Western Gull  X

Black Phoebe  X

Western Scrub-Jay  X

American Crow  X

Common Raven  X

Marsh Wren  X

Ruby-crowned Kinglet  1

Wrentit  X

American Pipit  X

Common Yellowthroat  X

Yellow-rumped Warbler  X

White-crowned Sparrow  X

Golden-crowned Sparrow  X

Song Sparrow  X


View this checklist online at

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