Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 26, 2015

Sierra Nevada Fall Color 9/25/15

Photographer G Dan Mitchell has been posting Sierra fall color reports on his blog. Here are a few  excerpts

September 25, 2015  – Above North Lake, Sabrina Lake, and South Lake there is a lot of color from small aspen trees growing at high elevations in rocky areas.) There was some very good color on the slopes above and just before Parcher’s Resort. Having said that, note that there are still a lot of green trees — for example there is almost no color at Aspendell yet — so the potential for good color in another week or more is still

McGee Creek (too early still), Lundy Canyon (a bit of color but a long ways to go before reaching its peak), Conway Summit (a bit of a complicated story — watch for my update), and Sonora Pass (some fine color at the higher elevations).

September 25, 2015 — Tioga Pass and down the east side of the Sierra as far as Bishop.  Peak fall color is most definitely not here just yet, but I was surprised by how much color I did see. In quite a few places the very small aspens that grow at higher elevations like 9000′ or so have substantially turned. At lower elevations (for example, Lee Vining Canyon) virtually all the trees are still quite green, though with a few spots of early color here and there. Driving south on US 395 I saw quite a bit of high elevation color above the June Lake area.

See his full post, more reports and photos at Sierra Nevada Fall Color

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