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New York Fall Color 9/23/15

I Love New York’s Fall Foliage Report Week of Sept. 23-29 below. To see photos and map got to: I Love New York’s Fall Foliage Report


Adirondacks to see areas of greatest change; most regions still in early stages

This is the third 2015 FALL COLOR REPORT for New York State. Reports are obtained from field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. FALL COLOR REPORTS are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

Beautiful fall colors continue to slowly emerge across New York State, according to spotters for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NEW YORK program. Most areas of the state will still be in the early stages of change this weekend, with the most change occurring in the Adirondacks region.

Color progression in the Adirondacks region will be greatest around the Tupper Lake and Mt. Arab areas in Franklin County, where between 50 and 60 percent of the leaves are expected to be changed by the weekend. Fall colors include goldenrod, saffron, bronze, russet, pumpkin, scarlet and cranberry. Spotters in Old Forge, in Herkimer County, also expect foliage change to be around midpoint this weekend, with 45 percent transition and shades of yellow, red and purple among the fading green backdrop. Spotters around the Hudson River Gorge in

North Creek, Warren County, expect up to 45 percent color change at elevations of 2000′ and 35 percent at 1000′. The leaves are muted in brilliance with red, yellow, rust and green predominating.

In Hamilton County, spotters reporting from Speculatorexpect 40 percent color change this weekend, with pale shades of yellow, orange and red predominating, along with random splashes of bright red. Color change is expected to be 25-30 percent in Lake Placid in Essex County. The limited color change includes shades of yellow and brown, along with isolated gold and orange from sugar maples. The southern portion of Warren County, including Lake George, should be around 20 percent changed by the weekend, with some pale shades of yellow, red and orange emerging from the primarily green backdrop. In eastern Essex County, look for between 5 and 10 percent color change in the Crown Point area where some muted yellow leaves are emerging. In Ticonderoga, foliage change should be about 10 percent with yellow, red and orange fall colors of average brilliance.

Color change is still minimal in the Catskills region, where Delaware County is projecting 30 percent leaf transition by the weekend. Green leaves are giving way to shades of orange and yellow, along with touches of red and purple. Spotters checking in from Greene County in the northern Catskills project 10-15 percent color change by weekend, with hints of red, yellow and orange appearing. In areas above 2000′ the maple trees are just starting to change to red, with leaves of average brilliance. Color


predictions from Ulster County range from 20-25 percent in the Saugerties area, where shades of yellow and gold predominate the fall colors, along with emerging shades of red and orange, to 20 percent in Highmount with shades of red, and 5-10 percent in Kingston, which is seeing a small amount of red and orange leaves. Other reporting stations expect less than 10 percent color change.

In Central New York, color change remains in the beginning stages in most areas. Spotters reporting from Howes Cave in Schoharie County note that areas of up to 45 percent color change may be found this weekend, with light orange highlights. The Binghamton area should see about 30 percent color change with bright yellow, orange and red leaves among the green. Spotters in the Utica area of Oneida County also expect 30 percent change by the weekend, as shades of red, orange, yellow and gold emerge.  Look for 20 percent color change in the Mohawk area of Herkimer County and also in the Cooperstown area of Otsego County. Both counties are seeing emerging shades of yellow and orange. Leaves will be 15 percent changed in Madison County. Spotters in Morrisville note the trees are mostly green with touches of yellow and orange, along with some red, starting to appear. Chenango County spotters in Norwich also expect 15 percent color change with yellow and some orange leaves emerging.


Fall colors continue to gradually appear in the Thousand Islands-Seaway region. Spotters in Oswego County are calling for 30 percent color change in northern portions of the county and 15-20 percent in the southern areas. In northern Oswego County, in areas such as Pulaski, Sandy Creek, and Altmar, yellows, oranges and reds are scattered among the greenery with dull to average brilliance. Dull greens, rust and bronze tones dominate southern areas of the county with touches of orange and red. St. Lawrence County should see 25-30 percent change. In the Adirondacks portion of the county trees are mostly green with touches of red and gold; in the St. Lawrence River Valley trees are mostly green, with very little fall color. Jefferson County spotters in Alexandria Bay predict 20 percent change with yellow and orange leaves of average brilliance.

In the Capital-Saratoga region, color change will still be in the beginning stages this weekend. Spotters in Northville at Lapland Lake expect 30 percent leaf transition with intensifying red and orange maple leaves. Some early shades of yellow and brown, along with hints of bronze, are also appearing. In the Gloversville area of the county, look for 20 percent color change with touches of yellow, orange and rust beginning to appear over the dull green backdrop. Spotters in Rensselaer County note that colors are gradually increasing in variety and intensity with the cooler nights. Look for 10-15 percent change by the weekend in the western and southern portions of the county, 15-20 percent in the eastern and northern parts of the county. Fall colors include deep shades of red and light shades of yellow colors. Color change in Saratoga County will be just over 10 percent with some bright shades of red along with gold, amber and orange leaves. Spotters in Albany and Schenectady counties expect no more than 10 percent color change this weekend.

Minimal color change is expected for the Finger Lakes region. Seneca County foliage reporters predict 20 percent color change with vibrant yellow and a small hint of orange appearing. Onondaga County spotters in Syracuse predict a little over 15 percent leaf transition with splashes of yellow leaves of average brilliance. Steuben County spotters expect 15 percent color change with some yellow and gold highlights. In Monroe County, spotters based in Rochester predict 10-15 percent color change as most trees are still green to olive in color, with increasing shades of yellow and some red highlights. Locust trees seem to be turning yellow more quickly, while some maples continue to drop green to brown leaves.

Cayuga County will see just over 10 percent leaf change with some gold and red leaves. Cortland County spotters expect just 10 percent change with some yellow leaves beginning to show. LivingstonOntario, Yates and Wayne counties also expect just around 10 percent color change; while other regional reporting stations expect 10 percent or less change.


The Chautauqua-Allegheny region will still be in the early stages of change this weekend. Spotters at Allegany State Park in Salamanca expect 25 percent color change with touches of yellow beginning to show in the maples, while oaks are still green. Also in the county, spotters in


Little Valley predict 20 percent change with yellow and some red leaves of average brilliance beginning to appear. Chautauqua County spotters are expecting 15 percent change with some dull shades of orange and rust.

Fall foliage in the Greater Niagara region is slowly increasing, but the region will still be in the early stages of change this weekend. Look for 25 percent color change in Wyoming County, where spotters in Perry are starting to see more red and orange leaves. Genesee County observers in Batavia predict 20-25 percent color change with some bronze leaves appearing. Color change in Erie and Niagara counties is expected to be about 10 percent this weekend with hints of yellow. Other regional reporting stations expect less than 10 percent change.

Hudson Valley foliage change will remain minimal this weekend, according to foliage spotters. Look for up to 25 percent change in Rockland County, where green still predominates, but some purple, orange and red leaves are beginning to emerge. Dutchess County spotters in Poughkeepsie expect 15 percent color change, with more bright yellow leaves coming into play. Spotters in Columbia, Westchester and Orange counties expect just about 10 percent color change this weekend.

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