Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 26, 2015

Oregon Wildflowers:Columbia River Gorge 5/25/15

Oregon Wildflowers has two reports for the Columbia River Gorge on 5/25/15

  • Cape Horn During a brief visit I saw Delphinium nuttallii, Blue-eyed Mary, one of the cinquefoils (glandulosa?), a silene (douglasii?), and a penstemon (ovatus?) which is just starting to open.
  • John B. Yeon State Park Very pleasant hike to Upper McCord Creek Falls. The vegetation on the lower slopes is mostly over, but the section along the cliff face was filled with CRG endemics. Cliff Paintbrush, Howell’s Daisy, Columbia Gorge Daisy, and Long-beard Hawkweed (in bud but should be blooming soon). Kittentails were in fruit. I also saw Goatsbeard, a couple of different Saxifrages, stickseed, Bolandra, tiger lily (near the trailhead), bronze bells, western solomon’s plume, Delphinium, Broad leaved stonecrop, mitrewort, Wallflower, small flowered alumroot, some of the smaller monkeyflowers, white shooting star (mostly past peak), a few remaining flowers of cliff penstemon, and a few flowers I have yet to ID.

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