Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 7, 2015

International Migratory Bird Day 5/9/15

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD), the signature program of EFTA, is the only international education program that highlights and celebrates the migration of nearly 350 species of migratory birds between nesting habitats in North America and non-breeding grounds in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Each year IMBD explores a different aspect of migratory birds and their conservation. Learn more about bird day >

FAQs about International Migratory Bird Day.
When is IMBD? Because birds do not migrate on the same day, IMBD is celebrated on different dates across the Western Hemisphere. Events take place year-round, though most occur around the “traditional” date on the second Saturday in May (May 9, 2015) or in October in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. […] International Migratory Bird Day 5/9/15 […]


  2. […] International Migratory Bird Day 5/9/15 […]


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