Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 23, 2015

San Francisco’s Native Bees Are Excellent Pollinators

Bay Nature reported on a study on the effectiveness of native bees as pollinators in San Francisco

a study that measured the pollination service of the city’s native bees. The study, published in January in the journal Urban Ecosystems, found that the native bee population, indeed, supplies “adequate pollination service” for the city’s agriculture, including parks and gardens.

The results are surprising since previous studies have found that urban environments have lower bee populations and fewer bee species than surrounding areas. Urban growers should take heart, as there are 150 native bee species in San Francisco, LeBuhn said.

“It is pretty clear that there is sufficient pollinator service for urban agriculture from native species alone,” LeBuhn said. “We don’t need to add honeybees to have pollination (in the city).”

Read full story at San Francisco’s Native Bees Do the Job Just Fine – Bay Nature.

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