Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 20, 2015

Cedar Mts. Utah Wildflower Report

DesertUSA reports for Cedar Mountains in Utah

Cedar Mountains (which is the next range west of the Stansbury Range across from Skull Valley. We hiked from the west side up one ridge and did not see a single flower in bloom. I kept telling my friend that there should be flowers – milkvetch, lomatium, oenothera, something. But we didn’t see a single flower. I made sure we came down a different ridge to cover more ground and about 3/4 of the way down we ran into a huge patch of Anderson’s buttercup. My friend couldn’t believe it after all the fuss i was making about not seeing anything.

The Cedar mountains can easily be accessed via a BLM Dirt road heading south at the Aragonite Exit of I-80 (exit 55?). The road is paved for 2 miles to the Araganite plant – you then head a mile or so to a BLM Register. The dirt road heads to the south and parallels the entire range.

See photos at  Desert Wildflowers Reports for Nevada and Utah – DesertUSA.

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