Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 26, 2014

Chattahoochee-Oconee Fall Color 9/26/14

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest reports

September 29, 2014 ( I think the date is a typo by the forest service)

The weather over the last week sure has felt like fall is in the air. Seasonally mild weather is forecast for the next week or so. The fall color will gradually develop during this time due to the decreasing amount of daylight and the aging of the leaves.

Looks like some red maples are starting to change. Take this as the second hint of fall color showing itself on the top of our highest mountains. Lucky for us, webcams on our highest mountain, Brasstown Bald, are available for everyone to see exactly when fall color begins. Given that October is almost here, we could be seeing some great, widespread color in a couple of weeks. Watch the weather forecasts for north Georgia. Look for nightime low temperature between 35 and 45 with mostly sunny, mild days. The fall color in the mountains will develop about 3 to 5 days after that first good cold snap.

So while we have some time before the curtain goes up, now’s a good time to plan your visit to the forest. For example, the Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway is a great way to take in this unique part of northwest Georgia. Other good drives will be along Georgia Highway 52 anywhere between Chatsworth and Dahlonega. For other locations and some scenic drives, take a look at the digital version of our “Outdoor Fun in the North Georgia Mountains” map.

For the lastest, real-time of the weather from the top of Georgia, watch the webcams on Brasstown Bald mountain.

Remember, you can get the latest forest news and alerts by following us on Twitter, and taking advantage of our mobile app that provides fall color alerts as well as a wealth of information about recreation opportunities in both the Chattahoochee and Oconee National Forests.

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