Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 23, 2014

Ring Mt. Wildflower Bloom 5/23/14

Calphoto has a detailed new report for Ring Mt.:

Take the stairs to a dirt path, follow this and it will open up to a fire road, heading mainly east northeast. You will be greeted by California Quail, Matillija Poppies, hummingbirds and Buckeye Butterflies. I end saw a couple of dragonflies on the path. The grasses are high so walk towards the center to avoid getting ticks. Along the path are annual lupine (blue), Pineapple Weed, Common Catchfly, Narrow Leaved Mules Ears, Dandelions, lots of Oak and Bay trees and French and Scotch broom. As you walk along you will be able to see Mt Tam, and most of the western north bay area, including Sausalito, Tiburon, Belvedere, Angel Island, both Bridges, The San Francisco Skyline as well as parts of Marin City and Mill Valley, I saw Red tailed Hawks, Cliff Swallows, California Quail, Ravens and Kites. Keep traveling up the Fire Road and you will see Greenbrae, Corte Madera, Parts of Mill Valley, and even the Carson Ridge Mountains off in the distance. Look for Secund Lupines and Buckwheat, Tidy Tips, and Tar weed with California Poppies as you head up the hill.

There is a fenced area on the right where the county is working on how the plants rejuvenate after a fire. Crest the hill, on the left Mt Tam is right there, and San Quentin and San Pablo Bay give awesome vista shots. There are Phacelia, Farewell to Spring, California Poppies, Buckwheat and Live Forever Succulents (check the rocks) Head down the fire trail and keep an eye on on the burned side by the fence, the California Poppies are smaller and lighter in color with two tones, Delphinium, Phacelia, Buckwheat, Flax, Clarkia's, Keep on down the Fire road and turn toads the right when you get the the fork in the path (where the fence ends) and continue on the trail, The Tiburon Mariposa Lillies are all over this side of the hill, Brodieia's, Blue Eyed Grass and Saxifrage dominate with Tarweed and California Poppies and Buckwheats all mixed in. Creamsacs and Seep Spring Monkeyflowers are also out. I saw a couple of Tiger Swallowtails and some other butterflies that would not sit still long enough for me to ID or photograph them. NOTE – The fog was in and by 3pm it was very cold and windy, so be patient with the photography and bring a jacket. Oh and if you wait tip after 2pm to go you might see all the soap root flowers open up.

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