Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 2, 2014

Bear Valley Wildflower Update 4/1/14

Calphoto has the following report for Bear Valley Rd off Hwy 20, just west of the intersection of Hwy16. It’s a well know spot for spring wildflowers.

Not such a great place today. It was gray & drizzly most of the day.  The flowers aren’t there yet in any numbers. There are a few clumps of poppies here & there.  One Lupine plant, two Wallflower plants in the canyon by the creek going up from the highway, that’s about it. Up in the valley little sign of flowers yet.  Some thinly scattered varieties here & there, the grazing land which has been carpeted in previous years is somewhat still in it’s winter brown. Some greening on the hills. It’s just plain sparse.  We’re going to give it another two weeks before trying again.

A word of caution, the road north from Hwy 20 is on a slippery clay-like base. It is very slick. My buddies “traction control” came on several times as we slowly went up the canyon. Even with 4wd we had to proceed cautiously. Leesville Rd connection to Hwy 20 was a much better bet, it looks like it’s been recently graded & is not clay based.  A much more secure feeling on that road. Bear Valley Rd is fine when it dries out.

See more reports at: Calphoto (must register to access site)

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