Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 31, 2014

Texas Bluebonnet Sightings 3/31/14

Updated 4/2/14

Bluebonnet Love has the following Texas wildflower and bluebonnet reports:

Harwood 3/30/14 Field of nothing but Sandy Bluebonnets. Located on Hwy 90 between Luling and Interstate 10, it’s a gorgeous alternative route while traveling the Interstate 10. Gorgeous field of about 60+ acres of bluebonnets. Location on the map is approximate. Field is located on the northside of the road and can’t be missed.”

Stockdale 3931/14  gorgeous field of solid Sandy Bluebonnets — thick in some places with green ribbons of grass running through the field. There are several photo opportunities for Live Oak trees amongst the bluebonnets. Very large and very pretty field. Well worth the drive.”

Belton 3/30/14 Belton, has Texas Bluebonnets! We know all our Killeen-Belton-Temple peeps are looking for bluebonnets.


Whitehall 03/28/2014

Street Address: On the NW corner of the intersection of FM 2988 and FM 362 in Whitehall, TX.

Bloom Stage: Early Bloom
Blanket Thickness: Sparse
Field Size: Medium Field (2 to 5 acres)

Accessible to Public: Yes. Private property with access.
Safe Parking: Yes. There’s safe parking on the shoulder or away from the main road.
Kid & Pet Friendly: Yes. The field is always far from heavy, fast-moving traffic.

“This field has bluebonnets every year and is easy to find. They are building the White Hall VFD at the edge of the field this year.”

“Good to see this field filling out. If you go out to this field, please provide a bloom status update comment with a photo. This is a great Kid-Friendly Field


See more details and photos for above locations and sightings as well as older reports at: Texas Bluebonnet Sightings

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