Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 14, 2014

Panoche Valley and Hills Wildflower Report 3/13/14

Where to photograph in CaliforniaYahoo Groups had a reprint of a wildflower report on the Panoche Valley and Hills:

Ryan O’Dell (Natural Resource Specialist – Botany/Soils/Paleontology) of the Panoche Hills and i have corresponded, and he wrote, “I just visited Little Panoche Valley, Panoche Valley, and Panoche Hills today. [March 13] There is patchy annual plant growth (mostly red brome) on Panoche Hills and almost continuous, but low-statured annual plant growth (filaree and native annual forbs) at Panoche Valley and Little Panoche Valley.  Right now, nothing is blooming, but I think it is possible that there might be some color in another week or two with highest potential at Little Panoche Valley.  If anything, it would be primarily goldfields and tricolor gila”

See more wildflower updates atWhere to photograph in CaliforniaYahoo Groups ( must register to access)


  1. Panoche is one of my favorite places, very few people know about this area but it can be spectular when in bloom, miles of flowers. Spencer


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