Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 23, 2013

15 Top Conservation Threats & Opportunities

Planet Earth Online has an article in which scientists have identified 15 potential top conservation threats or opportunities.  They include:

  • Response of financial markets to unburnable carbon
  • Extensive land loss in southeast Asia from subsidence of peatlands
  • Carbon solar cells as alternative source of renewable energy
  • Rapid geographic expansion of macroalgal cultivation for biofuels
  • Redistribution of global temperature increases among ecosystems
  • High-frequency monitoring of land-cover change
  • Reaccelerated loss of wild rhinoceroses and elephants
  • Increasing scale of eradications of non-native mammals on islands
  • Self-sustaining genetic systems for control of non-native invasive species
  • Probiotic therapy for amphibians
  • Emerging snake fungal disease
  • Polyisobutylene as a marine toxicant
  • Exploitation of Antarctica
  • Expansion of ecosystem red listing
  • Resurrection of extinct species

Read full article at Planet Earth Online: Scientists identify top conservation threats and opportunities.


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