Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 4, 2013

Finland Barnacle Goose Population Continues Growing

Barnacle Goose Population triples in the eastern Gulf of Finland

Science Daily reports that Finland’s Barnacle Goose population grew 8% last year. The highest growth was in the eastern Gulf of Finland where the population has tripled. Population growth seems to have stopped in the Helsinki and Turku regions. The count or Barnacle Geese was organized by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), the University of Helsinki and BirdLife Finland and counted a total of 21,700 geese were counted. The highest numbers, 8,400 Barnacle Geese, were recorded in  metropolitan areas. The largest populations were found in Helsinki in Viikki (4,700 birds), in Vantaa in Hämeenkylä (1,600) and in Espoo in Laajalahti (1,500). Read more at ScienceDaily Barnacle goose population continues to grow, triples in the eastern Gulf of Finland.


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