Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 23, 2013

Worldwide Ban Of Bird Killing Pollutant

The BBC reported that the pollutant chemical polyisobutene (PIB) has been banned by the International Maritime Organization beginning in 2014. PIB is a lubricant used to improve the engine performance of ships. Until this new ban PIB residues could be discharged from ships tanks while at sea. It has been found on seabirds, mainly guillemots.

When discharged in the ocean PIB becomes “glue-like”, covering birds and restricting their movements and ability to feed, which resulted in the birds dying from hypothermia or starvation. The BBC reported

More than 4,000 birds were killed or injured by the chemical polyisobutene (PIB) between Cornwall and Sussex, and on the Channel Islands.

Read more at: BBC News – Ships banned from discharging seabird pollutant PIB

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