Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 5, 2013

National Wildlife Refuge Week Oct. 9 to 15, 2013

Unfortunately due to the government shutdown most refuges are actually closed

The shutdown does not apply to state lands and access to most areas in National Forests (although visitors centers in the National Forests are closed).

National Wildlife Refuge Week is  October 9 to 15. Celebrate America’s wildlife heritage, and see what refuges are doing to conserve it. The most popular activities for 45 million refuge visitors last year were wildlife viewing, bird watching, photography, hiking and auto-tour-route driving. Contact your local National Wildlife Refuge for special activities.  To learn more go to: National Wildlife Refuge Week.


  1. This usually wonderful week of celebrations will be a time of morning – for the closure of all public lands, for the damage to habitat and wildlife that is happening, and for the wonderful, dedicated people who work so hard to preserve our wild places and protect and increase our wildlife who are now without jobs or paychecks.

    Maybe we could all wear black bands to honor them next week.


  2. You sure these will be open given the current government status? I volunteer for Channel Islands Nat Park and it is currently closed. Spencer


    • Wildlife refuges are closed as part of the government shutdown. National forests are open although the visitor centers and services are closed. Thanks for the reminder. I scheduled this post pre-shutdown and have updated it.


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