Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 10, 2013

Eastern Nat. Forest Fall Colors

The U.S. Nat. Forest Service has started posting fall color updates for eastern region national forests. It is still early and the post reason report is September 4, 2013.

There are currently no fall colors in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Typically, colors start changing in mid to late September and peak in mid-October.

Northern Minnesota received a welcome gust of cool air over Labor Day weekend, with temps dropping into the 40’s. While there are only a few hints of color from the maples, most of the color this week comes from the woodbine crawling up the trees. Purple asters are blooming –always a hint at the end of summer and start of autumn. Goldenrod accents behind the purple make for a beautiful start to the new season!

Upcoming Event! Fall Leave Hike—September 24, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. Walker, MN: We’re taking a hike around town to see all the fall colors along Walker Bay! This WHA Community Ed program is geared toward students, but all are invited along for the one mile hike.

A few trees are beginning to fade from bright summer green along major roads, but not many. Deeper in the forest it is still vibrant green. Most grasses are just beginning to turn golden. The weather is beginning to cool, so it will still only be a few weeks till colors start hitting their stride.

There really isn’t any subtle change on the Forest. You may catch a small diseased or weakened maple that has turned, but other than that, it’s still mostly a green landscape. Color is currently at about 5%.

As southern Illinois just left a heat advisory/triple digit weekend, it may still be a bit before we have fall colors to report. Our neighbors in the far north have reported that colors are popping; so stay tuned!

via Region 9 – Recreation.

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