Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 9, 2013

Eastern Sierra Fall Color Update 9/9/13

Calphoto has a new posting on Eastern Sierra Fall Colors. Highlights included:

  • pretty fall colors at the lower elevations in Lundy Canyon (especially around Lundy Lake) …. best places for color were at the little beaver ponds that were along the dirt road leading up to the Lundy Lake Trailhead. Those ponds were almost completely ringed by yellow and orange stands of aspen.

  • Conway summit had some nice color in it, but a large fraction of the trees there were completely barren.

  • Parker Lake trailhead, located on the first side road off the June Lake Loop. There were some nice stands of aspen with good color along the dirt road to that trailhead. …. At the end of the trail, we were definitely in for a treat. There was a stand of partially turned aspens at the far end of the lake that were completely reflected in the water directly beneath them.

  • The best color of the weekend was definitely around Grant Lake. There were stands all around the lake that had turned red, yellow and orange, plus there were some beautiful streaks of yellow and orange that were climbing up the hillsides as we drove in.

Read full report at: Calphoto 



  1. HI, Clicking on Calphoto just takes me to Yahoo. How do I get to see what is one Calphoto?


    • Calphoto is a a yahoo discussion group that requires you to register to have access to the site. It is a very worthwhile forum for nature photography, especially reports on wildflowers and fall color.



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