Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 3, 2013

Great Smoky Wildflower Update 9/2/13

Wildflower Updates | Great Smoky Mountains Association has the following new wildflower report posted yesterday:

Lumber Ridge (B-E) – False Fox Glove, Erect Goldenrod, Southern Harebell, Coreopsis, Curtiss Milkwort, Hawkweed, White Top Aster, Wood Nettle, Starry Campion, Star Grass (2), White Snake Root (Just starting to bloom) and Yellow Fringed Orchid (1).

Meigs Mountain (From Lumber Ridge Trail to Curry Mountain Trail) – Southern Harebell, White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed and White Snake Root (just starting to bloom).

Curry Mountain (B-E) – Curtiss MIlkwort, White Top Aster, Coreopsis, Asiatic Dayflower, Heal All, Cardinal Flower, Joe Pye Weed, Dark Jewelweed, Ironweed, Wild Golden Glow, Wild Phlox and Great Lobelia.  Note:   After first four flowers mentioned all were blooming at the trailhead at Little River Road.

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