Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 25, 2013

2 Free Photography eBooks

David duChemin ‘s Craft & Vision has two free eBooks for photographers:

More Great Ways to Make Stronger Photographs

A 45-page PDF eBook that has articles by 6 Craft & Vision authors, and 9 unique ways to improve your photography. Topics include making sharper images and learning to shoot in manual mode, developing smarter, balancing flash with ambient light, learning to see light, developing style and consistency, isolating your subjects, experimenting with B&W, and coping strategies for challenging light.

You can find it at: Craft & Vision 2 – Craft & Vision.


Ten is an exploration of ten techniques and ideas that can improve any photographer’s work without buying any new gear.

You can find it at: TEN – Craft & Vision.


TEN – Craft & Vision.



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    David duChemin has two FREE eBooks for Photographers available through Craft & Vision.

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