Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 16, 2013

English Hen Harriers Face Extinction Risk

The BBC reported that Hen Harriers are close to extinction in England as the only two nesting pairs in the country failed to breed. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said this is the first time since the 1960’s that the harriers have not produced even one chick. The RSPB blamed private shooting estates, who raise grouse for shooting. They say the shooting estates have tried to remove the Hen Harriers since they have been recolonized. The Countryside Alliance and Moorland Association dispute these claims saying the issue is breeding failure not extinction and that some grouse moor managers feed the Hen Harriers so the Harriers will not bother the grouse. Read more at: BBC News – Hen harriers ‘face extinction’ in England, says RSPB


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