Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 10, 2013

Fall Color Is Coming; Be Prepared

I am noticing an increasing interest in the Natural History Wanderings Fall Foliage section. I have found that California Fall Color has a post from August 1 showing Indian Rhubarb turning fall colors on Butt Creek and  Yankee Foliage’s New England Foliage Map has an August 8 report that shows leaves turning on in Grafton County, NH around the Mink Brook Nature Preserve. This has inspired me to review the fall foliage section on Natural History Wanderings and remove bad links and add a few new ones. I did leave some national forest links on that are not now active as they usually start to have reports as the fall color season progresses. The Fall Color Section currently has the following subsections:

Nationwide Fall Foliage – Links to Reports and Locations
California Fall Foliage – Links to Reports and Locations
Colorado Fall Foliage – Links to Reports, Locations and Drives
Canadian Fall Foliage – Links to Reports and Drives
Fall Foliage Articles – Articles and webcams on U.S. Locations and Drives
Photo Tips for Fall Foliage – Articles on Photographing Fall FoliageNationwide Fall Foliage – Links to Reports and Locations

If you are aware of any additions or bad links please submit a comment and let me know.


  1. […] Fall Color Is Coming; Be Prepared ( […]


  2. I photographed the Rhubarb last fall. It was a challenging experience. I hope to do it again this fall. Thanks for the updates!


    • I find it to be one of the more “fun” if challenging fall color plants in the west.


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