Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 24, 2013

Eastern Yosemite and Lassen Wildflower Report 6/24/13

Calphoto had a wildflower bloom report today for Eastern Yosemite and Lassen National Parks. Here are some  excerpts:

  • Tioga road had nice stands of scarlet penstemons and paintbrush against the granite walls
  • Near Ellery lake there were several alpine mariposa between the gravel.
  • The south side of Lassen is in full bloom. With nice stands of mule ears until 4 miles past the sulphur works, where snow still rules, even though new plants were emerging visibly during our 3 day stay.
  • Many fawn lilies, orchids, emerging elephant heads and on Saturday the first leopard lilies flowered near the entrance. The nicest stands of fawn lilies were at the Kings Creek recreation area.
  • The best flower hikes were to Paradise falls (starts near the South-end visitor center) and above the Sulphur works. I found at least three species of buckwheats, some owl clover and larkspur.
  • The trail to and around Boiling springs lake had scattered wildflowers with mariposa lilies, coral root, and pussy ears in the mix.
  • There was a yellow leopard Lillie near the Drakesbad ranch water source and lot’s of tiny flowers scattered along the trail. There were a few fireplants, but not accessible from the trail.
  • south-end flowering peak should be this week with some lower elevation mule ears already past peak. … surprised to see none of mariposas.

See the full report and older reports at: calphoto : Where to photograph in California.

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