Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 18, 2013

Oakland Adopts Bird Safety Building Requirements

Golden Gate Audubon reports that the City of Oakland just added a set of Bird Safety Measures to its building permit requirements Oakland is only the third major city in North America to adopt bird safety building standards. Collisions with buildings kill an estimated 300 million to 1 billion birds in the U.S. and Canada annually.

The measures require developers to:

  • Avoid the use of mirrors in landscape design.
  • Apply bird-friendly glazing to at least 90 percent of windows and glass between the ground and sixty feet above ground. Some positive glazing options include opaque glass, clear glass etched with patterns, and UV-pattern reflective glass (since unlike humans, most birds can see ultraviolet light).
  • Turn out nighttime architectural lights and avoid beam lighting during spring and fall migration seasons.
  • Install timers or motion sensors on interior lights, so they can be programmed to turn off between 11 p.m. and sunrise.
  • Minimize roof antennas and other rooftop structures that create additional collision risks.
  • Include bird safety in building management plans. For instance, building managers could ask employees to draw blinds at night during migration season and could schedule nightly maintenance before 11 p.m. to keep buildings dark at night.

Learn more at Oakland adopts Bird Safety Building Measures | Golden Gate Audubon Society.


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