Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 3, 2013

Botanizing Walker Ridge 6/1/2013 update 6/3/13

Plant List has been updated with many additions and corrections from Glenn Keator and Calflora
(any errors are mine)

Yesterday I went on a field trip with members of the Regional Park Botanic Garden to Walker Ridge. Walker Ridge is north of Highway 20, on the eastern edge of Lake County. It is parallel to west of Bear Valley, a well-known wildflower hotspot. The trip was led by Glen Keator a top field botanist, teacher, field trip leader, and author of botanical field guides and native plant gardening books.

We drove through Bear Valley to get to the beginning of  the road to Walker’s Ridge. As expected most of the wildflowers in Bear Valley were well past. There were some remaining California Poppies and some alien Morning Glory. If you looked at the hills on either side of the valley it was very obvious how the north facing slopes had many more trees than the drier and hotter the hills with southern exposure.

On Walker Ridge we explored mainly by driving the roads and some short walks We found many species in bloom and others that were finished flowering. The only wildflowers that were in large numbers were Clarkias and Delphiniums.

This is definitely a trip for the plant lovers. As we covered a lot of territory today and the focus was on finding plants I only did some quick grab shots.  See the best photos from today below and click Read More to see a very detailed plant list.  Corrections and additions to the plant list by other participants are most welcome.

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Walker Ridge Plant List 6/1/2013

Regional Park Botanic Garden Friends Trip led by Glenn Keator

Adenostema fasiculatum Chamise Rosaceae 
Aesculus californica California Buckeye Sapindaceae
Agoseris sp Asteraceae
Allium amplectens, A. falcifolia Narrowleaf Onion Alliaceae
Antirrhinum vexillo-calyculatum Wild Snapdragon Scrophulariaceae 
Arctostaphylos manzanita  Whiteleaf Manzanita Ericaceae
Arctostaphylos viscida ssp. pulchella Sticky Whiteleaf Manzanita Ericaceae
Argemone munita (ssp. rotundata) Prickly Poppy Papaveraceae
Arnica discoidea Rayless Arnica Asteraceae
Ascelpias solonoana Prostrate Milkweed Asclepiadaceae
Aspidotis densa Indian Dream Pteridaceae
Baccharis pilularis Coyote Bush Asteraceae
Brodiaea coronaria Crown Brodiaea Themidaceae
Brodiaea coronaria ssp. rosea Indian Valley Brodiaea Themidaceae
Brodiaea elegans Harvest Brodiaea Themidaceae
Bromus carinatus California Brome Grass Poaceae
Canchalangua Zeltnera venusta Gentianaceae
Calochortus amabilis Yellow Fairy Lantern Lilaceae
Calochortus luteus Gold Nuggets Lilaceae
Calochortus splendens Pink Mariposa Lilaceae
Calochortus superbus White Gold Nuggets Lilaceae
Calycanthus occidentalis Spice Bush Calycanthaceae
Castilleja foliolosa Wooly Indian Paintbrush Orobanchaceae
Castilleja rubicundula Cream Sacs Orobanchaceae
Ceanothus foliosus Jim Bush Rhamnaceae
Ceanothus jepsonii albiflorus Hybrid Ceanothus Rhamnaceae
Ceanothus oliganthus Hairy Ceanothus Rhamnaceae
Centromadia pungens Common Tarweed Asteraceae
Cercocarpus betuloides Mountain Mahogany Rosaceae
Chaenactis glabriuscula Common Yellow Chaenactis Asteraceae
Chlorogalum pomeridianum Wavyleaf Soap Plant Agavaceae
Clarkia cocinna Red Ribbons Onagraceae
Clarkia gracillis Tracy’s Farewell-to-spring Onagraceae
Cordylanthus sp Orobanchaceae
Cryptantha sp Boraginaceae
Cupressus macnabiana McNab Cypress Cupressaceae
Cupressus sargentii Sargent Cypress Cupressaceae
Delphinium ulginosum Bog Larkspur Ranunculaceae
Deschampsia danthonioides Hairgrass Poacae
Elymus elymoides ssp. elymoides Squirreltail Poaceae
Eriodictyon californicum Yerba Santa Hydrophyllaceae
Eriogonum luteolum Polygonaceae
Eriogonum nudum var. nudum Naked-stemmed Buckwheat Polygonaceae
Eriophyllum lanatum var. achillaeoides Wooly-sunflower Asteraceae
Erysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum Wallflower Brassicaeae
Eschscholzia californica California Poppy Papaveraceae
Frangula californica (formerly Rhamnus californica) Coffeeberry Rhamnaceae
Fraxinus dipetala California Ash Oleaceae
Fritillaria recurva Scarlett Fritillary Liliaceae
Galium andrewsii Pinemat Rubiaceae
Garrya congdonii Congdon’s Silk Tassel Garryaceae
Gilia capitata Blue Field Gilia Polemoniaceae
Glycyrrhiza lepidota var. glutinosa Wild Licorice Fabaceae
(Pseudo)gnaphalium californicum California Everlasting Asteraceae
Grindelia camporum var. camporum Great Valley Gum-plant Asteraceae
Helianthella californica Helianthella Asteraceae
Helianthus bolanderi Bolander’s or Serpentine Sunflower Asteraceae
Hesperolinon californicum Dwarf-flax Linaceae
Heteromeles arbutifolia Toyon Rosaceae
Hordeum brachyantherum Wild Barley Poaceae
Horkelia californica ssp. dissita Tall Horkelia Rosaceae
Holodiscus discolor Cream Bush Rosaceae
Juncus spp Rush Juncaceae
Keckiella breviflora ssp. glabrisepala Bush Penstemon Plantaginaceae
Linanthus sp Polemoniaceae
Lotus grandiflorus var. grandflorus Pale lotus Fabaceae
Madia elegans ssp. vernalis Spring Tarweed Asteraceae
Minuartia douglasii Douglas’ Sandwort Caryophyllaceae
Monardella villosa ssp. francisiana Coyote-mint Lamiaceae
Navarretia heterandra Tehama Navarretia Polemoniaceae
Orobanche fasciculata Clustered Broom-rape Orobanchaceae
Packera greenei Flame Butterwort Asteraceae
Pedicularis densiflorus Indian Warrior Orobanchaceae
Pediomelum californicum California Indian Breadroot Fabaceae
Penstemon heterophyllus Foothill Penstemon Plantaginaceae
Perideridia kelloggii Kellogg’s Yampah Apiaceae
Phacelia sp Boraginaceae
Phoradendron juniperinum Juniper Mistletoe Phoradendron
Pickeringia Montana var. Montana Chaparral Pea Fabaceae
Pinus attenuate Knobcone Pine Pinaceae
Pinus sabiniana Gray Pine Pinaceae
Quercus berberidfolia Scrub Oak Fagaceae
Quercus douglasii Blue Oak Fagaceae
Quercus durata var. durarta Leather Oak Fagaceae
Quercus wislizenii Interior Live Oak Fagaceae
Ribes malvaceum Chaparral Currant Grossulariaceae
Rosa californica California Wild Rose Rosaceae
Schoenoplectus acutus var. occidentalis (formerly Scirpus) Common Tule Cyperacae
Scutellaria siphocampyloides Austin’s Scullcap Lamiaceae
Senecio eurcephalus var. eurycephalus Cut-leaved Butterweed Asteraceae
Silene campanulata ssp. glandulosa Sticky Campanulate Campion Caryophyllaceae
Sisyrinchium bellum Blue-eyed Grass Iridaceae
Stachys albens White Hedge-nettle Lamiaceae
Streptanthus brewerii Brewer’s Jewel-flower Brassicaceae
Styrax officinalis var. redividus Snowdrop Bush Styracaceae
Tamarxis sp Tamarisk Tamaricaceae
Tauschia sp. Umbrellawort Apiaceae
Toxicodendron diversilobum Poison Oak Anacardiaceae
Toxicoscordium venusum var. venusum (Zigadenus venenosus var. venenosus) Death Camus Melanthiaceae
Triteleia peduncularis Long Rayed Triteleia Themidaceae
Umbellularia californica California Bay Lauraceae
Viola purpurea Mountain Violet Violaceae
Wyethia angustifolia Foothill Mule’s-ears Asteraceae
Yarrow Achillea millefolium Asteraceae


  1. Interesting little beetle on the red ribbons!


    • Can you ID him?


      • No, it’s much too small a picture for me to even hazard a guess. If you’re really curious, you can submit an ID Request at Bug Guide. A beetle I photographed in Del Puerto Canyon turned out to be a potentially new species. A biologist went up three times to try to find it and plans to try again next year.


      • That is pretty cool. I don’t think I will submit this one though as it isn’t that important.


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