Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 29, 2013

A Point Reyes Big Day

Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee

Yesterday I did a walking big day as part of the Point Reyes Birding Festival.  A group of fifteen, led by Dave Wimpfheimer a very knowledgeable and experienced birder/naturalist and trip leader, walked eleven miles. The walk went along ocean beach; marsh wetland; coastal scrub; oak, pine and fir forests; grassland and riparian habitats. The goal of the day was to see many birds on foot. We also saw many wildflowers and some interesting animals.

We walked from the ocean at Limantour Beach, up and over Inverness Ridge to Giacomini Wetlands and finished at Point Reyes Station. The group identified by sight and sound a total of 89 different species . Highlights included seeing Downy Woodpeckers mating,  Brants flying relatively close in formation and very good looks at the often elusive Wrentit. Limantour Beach had many species of flowers in bloom along the trail north of the bridge that parallels the wetlands.

The species lists may be updated when viewed by other participants.

To bird list click on Pt.Reyes Big Day Birding List

Click Read more to see a plant list and animal list for the Big Day



Plant List:

Douglas Iris
California Blackberry
Yellow Lotus
Bush Monkeyflower
Hedge Nettle
Morning Glory
Cow Parsnip
Sea Rocket
Blue-eyed Grass
California Buttercups
Red Elderberry
Mouse-eared Chickweed
Candy Flower
Blue Dicks
California Poppy
Fringe Cups
Coral Bells
Common Monkeyflower

Two Western Gulls and a Crab

Two Western Gulls and a Crab

Fauna List (excluding birds):

Harbor Seal
Two small fawns
Bay Ray
Alligator Lizard

Corrections and additions by other “Big Day” participants welcomed.

White-crowned Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow

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