Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 25, 2013

Washington Wildflower Updates 4/24/13

Washinton Trails Association has the following new wildflower updates:

Mima Falls, Mima Mounds — Apr 24, 2013 — Puget Sound and Islands — South Sound
The trillium were beautiful. The falls weren’t huge, but more fun to look at than the mounds. Maybe when they have more flowers on them.

Snow Mountain Ranch — Apr 24, 2013 — Eastern Washington — Yakima
I’ve been out at Snow Mtn Ranch the last couple of afternoons. The Wildflower Trail is absolutely spectacular. You’ll never see it better. Catch it while you can!

Mima Mounds — Apr 23, 2013 — Olympics — SW Washington
collection of over-sized molehills, the mounds look like barren tundra, until closer inspection reveals the carpet of violets, buttercups, camas and reindeer lichen. Lomatium, shooting star, wild strawberries, lupine and chocolate lily also are blooming now.

South Tiger Traverse, TMT — Apr 23, 2013 — Issaquah Alps — Tiger Mountain
The lower trail had lots of trillium in bloom.

Grand Ridge Park — Apr 23, 2013 — Issaquah Alps
The hike was lovely with flowers blooming and all the new green leaves and ferns.

See full reports and older reports at: Trip Reports — Washington Trails Association.


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