Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 21, 2013

Nest Cams Galore

submitted by CR

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an active bird box in your backyard, here are links to websites with live cams monitoring some amazing adult and young birds. Nests are being built or redecorated, birds are mating, eggs laid, and chicks are hatching, growing and fledging all over the continent. Here are links to cameras from Ithaca (NY) to San Diego (CA). Warning, watching these nests can be addictive.

Great Blue Herons (3 eggs laid, and counting)

Red-tailed Hawks (eggs are starting to hatch)

Osprey (incubating the eggs, in very rough weather)

Condor (chick is almost a month old)

Allen’s Hummingbirds (one egg hatched; one still unhatched)

Peregrine Falcon (on a ledge in Boise)


  1. […] Nest Cams Galore ( […]


  2. Sandy, Channel Islands Nat Park has an eagle cam for monitoring bald eagle nests on the islands, it is very popular. There is a similar cam on Catalina Island, google: eagle cams channel islands Spencer


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