Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 26, 2013

Anza-Borrego Wildflower Update 3/26/13

Anza- Borrego Desert Natural History Association has two new wildflower reports today.

     An excellent hike. Go to the S2 and park roadside at about mile 14.3. From the road you can see a thistle sage. Hike towards the mountains and pick up the wash. This is an easy hike. You can hike up to the Pacific Crest Trail or just return whenever you want. Along/in the wash you find fields of bigelow’s monkey-flowers, pincushions, wallace’s woolly daisy and wild heliotrope.
You also find lots of filaree, lupine, fiddle-neck, chia, bluedicks, desert bluebells and cream-cups. About two dozens of wide-throated yellow monkeyflower (Mimulus brevipes) , one paintbrush and higher towards the mountains some interior golden-bush.

Ocotillo is in splendid bloom in many places.  Some of the brightest reds seem to be along the south side of Highway 78 between the junction with S3 (Borrego Springs Road) and Ocotillo Wells.

See photos and older reports at: Anza-Borrego Wildflowers Spring – Fall 2013.

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