Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 17, 2013

Woodland Texas Wildflower Update 3/17/13

Wild About Texas Wildflowers has the following report for  Woodland, Texas

Dogwood tree in full bloom in the natural area along Aldine Bridge between Branch Crossing and Crownridge so I stopped and shot a few photos. As it turns out there was a lot going on in the weeds around the same area as you can see from my list of wildflowers sighted: Dogwood, dotted blue-eye grass, scarlet Pimpernel, small Bluet, Camphor Daisy, Lyre-Leaf Sage, Blue Pimpernel, false garlic (crows poison) and Dewberry (Southern Blackberry) and the title No Travel Required. This 45 minutes was spent just a few blocks from the house. You can see the photos starting on the last row of page two of my Spring 2013 wildflower gallery here:!i=2396200413&k=sVbpnvm

See all the Wild About Texas Wildflower Sightings at: Wildflower Sightings

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