Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 16, 2013

Southern Arizona Wildflower Reports 3/15/13

DesertUSA has several new reports for Southern Arizona

March 15, 2013 Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum reports: The wildflower bloom seems to be reaching its peak here in the Tucson Mountains. Rains were spotty this winter, but we’re seeing a little bit of everything. We counted at least 50 species of plants in bloom on a short hike in King Canyon, across from the museum. Although the plants are small, poppies, lupine, silverbells, desert chickory, and bladderpod can be seen, not to mention a veritable carpet of mustards, and borages. Perennials such as wind flower and wild hyacinth are blooming in patches along the trail, soon to be followed by desert larkspur. Desert mariposa are up, but no flower buds are showing yet. Roadsides show stripes of Mexican gold poppies and lupines and the fairy dusters are putting on quite a show.

March 15, 2013 Saguaro National Park East reports: Saguaro National Park East is best known for its shows of perennial shrubs and cacti. The first shrubs to bloom, the pink and white fairy duster, are now beginning along the Loop Drive. Scattered reports of small mustard family wildflowers including yellow bladderpod and white, endemic twistflower are coming in. Budding on the daisy-like brittlebush, indicate a great year once it warms up!

March 15, 2013 Tucson Botanical Garden reports: We can always count on a good appearance by the Mexican gold poppy, Eschscholzia mexicana. These golden flowers open and close with the sunrise and sunset. Finally, continuing with gorgeous buttery yellow blooms, the Algerita or Barberry (Berberis trifoliata) add to the Gardens’ perfume and color, heavy blooming under prickly leaves. In addition, the fruits that follow are apparently quite delicious when made into jam.

See all of their reports at: DesertUSA Wildflower Reports


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