Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 16, 2013

Birding Eastshore State Park 3/16/13

Today we were birding along the Bay Trail and Eastshore State Park in Berkeley between Gilman St. and University Av. We were there in the afternoon both before and after high tide. As expected shorebirds were more plentiful after the tide peaked and started going out. We were facing the sun most of the time so the light was not good for photography. The wet areas in the Berkeley meadow area continue to dry out and have  fewer birds.

 No Burrowing Owls seen today.  Highlights of the day were watching the Brown Pelicans and Forster’s Terns fishing and a White-tailed Kite putting on a pretty good show. Thirty-seven species were identified.

To see today’s birdlist go to: Eastshore State Park Bird List 3/16/13

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