Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 3, 2013

Anza-Borrego Wildflower Update 2/2/13

Anza Borrego Desert Natural History Association has the following wildflower bloom report for the Fish Creek area


  • ASTERACEAE           2    Encelia farinosa  –  Brittlebush
  • ASTERACEAE           1    Palafoxia arida var. arida –  Spanish Needles
  • ASTERACEAE           1    Perityle emoryi – Emory’s Rock Daisy
  • ASTERACEAE           7    Xylorhiza orcuttii – Orcutt’s Woody Aster
  • CHENOPODIACEAE  1    Atriplex hymenelytra_MALE –  Desert Holly
  • EUPHORBIACEAE     10  Chamaesyce polycarpa – Small-seeded Spurge
  • FABACEAE               10   Astragalus crotalariae –
  • FABACEAE               1     Lupinus arizonicus – Arizona Lupine


  • FABACEAE 3 Lupinus concinnus
  • FABACEAE 1 Psorothamnus spinosus

You can follow their wildflower reports at: Wildflower Updates

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