Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 25, 2013

Bird Personality And Feeder Behavior

Cornell Ornithology reported about on a study of bird personality styles and how this effected their behavior at feeders. An experiment was done observing Great Tits where food was placed in feeders in both an exposed risky location and a safer more protected low risk setting. It was found that some birds tended to be cautious well others were bolder and more risk takers. Each style had a distinct advantage. The risk takers were more likely to get needed food but were at greater risk from predators such as sparrowhawks. The cautious birds were safer from predators but at greater risk of starvation. Read more at: The Bold and the Bashful – Autumn 2012 Living Bird — .


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    Good information here from Cornell Lab of Ornithology about feeding birds in exposed locations vs. protected.


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