Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 20, 2013

Birding Wakodahatchee Wetlands 1/20/13

I went Birding at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida. Wakodahatchee means “created waters” in the Seminole Indian Language.  Wakodahatchee is 50 acres of utility land in Palm Beach County converted into  a recreation wetlands  with a three-quarter mile boardwalk.

It also serves as a natural filter for two million gallons of water a day. I saw twenty-eight bird species.

Wakodahatchee was had lots of visitors today as it was Sunday and many people were there to see the Great Blue Herons, who were building nests and some even had chicks.  There were Anhinga chicks as well.  Highlights also included seeing a Roseate Spoonbill for the first time, watching a Peregrine dive and catch a fish, the Black-bellied Whistling-ducks, Egyptian Goose (which  are escapees that have naturalized), alligators and a large iguana.

I was able to identify twenty-eight bird species in all. Several with the help of other birders.

To see my bird list from today go to: Wakodathatchee Bird list 1/20/13


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