Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 23, 2012

Birding And Art At Point Reyes

The main destination at Point Reyes today was to visit the artists’ open studios. However, the first stop was the Giacomini Wetlands just outside of town for a little over an hour of birding. Twenty-four species were identified and highlights were a Kestrel and Say’s Phoebe. To see the birdlist from today go to: Giacomini Wetlands Birdlist.

One more important bird note. About 20 Wild Turkeys were on Lucas Valley highway just a few miles west of Highway 101. I often drive this route to Point Reyes and it seems every year the Turkeys feel safe to come out on Thanksgiving day and the day after.

As for the open studios, the number one destination was Tom Killion, who is well-known for his woodcut prints of California. Other open studios that I especially liked were photographer Elizabeth Fenwick, who did  scenic landscape panoramas, Gary Smith (prints, pastels, and silverpoint), whose use of line as a design element was amazing, and Philip Loring Green who had some very nice bird photos. If interested in going,  Pt. Reyes Open Studios continues throughout the rest of the weekend.


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