Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 30, 2012

Eastern Region National Forests Fall Color Report 10/29/12

Fall Colors

Eastern Region Fall Color Report

October 29, 2012 

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (Wisconsin)

Fall colors have just about reached their peak on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest’s Washburn Ranger District; plan your trip now to catch a glimpse!

Hiawatha National Forest (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

The Hiawatha is past peak and fallen in many areas of the Forest, although there are still patches fading color closer to The Lakes. The color we now see is a rich blanket or oranges and yellows covering the forest floor, and has set the stage for the later parts of fall and onset of winter.

Hoosier National Forest (Indiana)

Although the Hoosier’s colors are now starting to wane there are still beautiful colors to be seen in the Forest.  Maples and sweetgums are retaining their deep oranges and reds.  The Forest floor has now become a blanket of leaves just waiting for a hiker to scuff their feet along the fun pathway.  Southern Indiana is having some high temperatures for several days and then back into normal 50’s and 60’s for the weekend with a little rain for Saturday.  Remember it is hunting season so if you are in the Forest, be sure to wear bright colored clothing and be aware of your surroundings.

Monongahela National Forest(West Virginia)

From reports from the ranger district offices of the Monongahela it seems that the leaves are pretty much past peak.  There are still some splashes of yellow here and there but mostly browns and bare spots.  Even the southernmost districts are reporting there are blankets of leaves on the ground with little leaves left on the trees.  With night temperatures gradually getting colder, it looks like winter will be visiting our Forest soon.

Ottawa National Forest(Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

We have very few if any trees left on the Ottawa that have leaves on them.  We have experienced an abundance of rain and wind, which resulted in the rest of the leaves coming down.  You can still get out and try to find those “few” trees that have color left or just enjoy a walk in the woods on top of the colorful forest floor.

Shawnee National Forest (Illinois)

The fall colors have peaked on the Shawnee National Forest! Sunrises and sunsets are bringing life to the golden yellows and oranges of the maple trees and the crimson red berries of the dogwoods.  The sumac has changed from crimson to a deeper purple.  Southern Illinois weather is moderate with cooler night temperatures.  The Shawnee National Forest may be small in acreage, but it’s definitely “large” with color!

Superior National Forest (Minnesota)

This late fall edition of the fall color report is the last for 2012.  There are no leaves to speak of left on the trees, and the bare forest waits for the first snow.  But while it waits for a coating of white, come visit for a while and rustle some leaves underfoot, or smell the scent of wet leaves in an autumn rain.  Then, when you’re good and chilled, step inside, warm up a mug of hot chocolate, sit near the fire, and toast to fall of 2012.

Fall Color Hotline:  1-800-354-4595

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